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Welcome to Creativity Plus


About Creativity Plus

Welcome to Creativity Plus Studio!

Step into a realm of boundless creativity, where age dissolves and artistic expression thrives. Our studio doors are wide open to welcome individuals of all ages on an unforgettable crafting journey.

At Creativity Plus, you hold the reins of your creativity. Choose from a curated selection of items and adorn them with a plethora of embellishments. Craft alone at your own pace, or lean on our team for assistance and inspiration.

To embark on this adventure, visit us at 365 Archway Road, N6 4EJ. Come to our studio and immerse yourself in the world of artistic exploration. You can also get a glimpse of the wonders that await by browsing our gallery of activities.

Join us at Creativity Plus, where the art of crafting knows no limits, and every creation is a testament to your unique spirit.

Crafting memories together, The Creativity Plus Team

Activities for Everyone

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