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Birthday Table Layouts

Celebrate your special moments with us! 🎉

At Creativity Plus Studio, we're not just about art and crafts; we're about creating unforgettable memories. 🎨✨

From birthdays to family gatherings, our studio is the perfect place to host your next celebration. Explore your creative side, enjoy quality time with loved ones, and leave with unique creations and cherished memories. 🎈🥳

Book your celebration with us today and let your imagination run wild! Contact us at 07450 495655 or visit our studio at 365 Archway Road, London N6 4EJ. 📞📍

Birthday Package 25 

Explore our diverse range of celebration packages! 🎁

Choose from our variety of packages, perfect for birthdays, special occasions, and group gatherings. Whether you're planning a party for 5 or 20 children, we've got you covered. 🥳🎈

And don't forget about our delicious food options to make your celebration complete! 🍔🍰

To discover more about our packages and offerings, please give us a call at 07450 495655. Let's create magical moments together! 📞🎨🧁 #CelebrationPackages #PartyTime #CreativityPlusStudio

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